A few of the glorious Little Blue Bookspublished by socialist newspaper editor Emanuel Haldeman-Julius. Starting in 1919, Haldeman-Julius began printing cheap, pocket-sized booklets intended to make discussions of literature, science, sexuality, politics (and, apparently, ventriloquism) accessible to The Masses. The Little Blue Books would remain highly popular throughout the twenties, thirties, and early forties, until, following World War II, their treatment of socialism, homosexuality, and atheism earned them a blacklisting from the FBI. By the time Haldeman-Julius died in 1951, the series had virtually been forgotten. 

A wide range of titles (without PDFs, sadly) is available for perusal here, including such attention-grabbers as: ”The Socialism of Jesus”, “How to Win Prize Contests”, “Homosexuality in the Lives of the Great”, “The Marvels and Oddities of Sunlight”, “War, What For?”, and “Various Types of Venereal Diseases and their Treatment”. 

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"Get away from me with your fake science I have judges to confuse"


Alexander McQueen

look at this racist bullshit my school is pulling

sign this petition to protest Peabody’s actions & WUSTL’s association with them

our assignment was to plagiarize/rip off David Shields’ pretentious postmodern theories of plagiarism

I liked the thing I wrote

it’s v personal though so read with dubiousness or w/e
kinda morose and dumb

(for context - chunks of text are from readings we did throughout class)
(and this format of essay is traditionally associated with ‘braid essays,’ which fold in on themselves and create larger wholes. I was too lazy to write a whole one so I made shit up to avoid it.)

(x and x are the philosophical/pretension principles)

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Students Against Peabody [PETITION]


Environmental justice is social justice.

There’s some awesome stuff going down at Washington University in St. Louis right now. Namely, a coalition of student environmental & social justice groups have banded together to protest the human and environmental rights violations of Peabody Energy

In recent years, in addition to merely polluting the environment, Peabody Energy has:

  • forcibly relocated Arizona’s Black Mesa Planes native Navajo and Hopi tribes to increase mining productivity
  • denied its retired mine workers desperately needed healthcare (via dubiously-legal methods)
  • ruined the lands and livelihoods of an Illinois farming community by diverting roads, polluting water, producing coal ash
  • blasted 200 feet from residential areas
  • supported political groups responsible for Stand Your Ground, which enabled Trayvon Martin’s murder
  • all sorts of other nasty things

The reason we students take action? Currently, the WUSTL board of trustees seats a member of Peabody. As a result, a large amount of our funding comes from Peabody’s profits. That means that we, as an institution, are complicit in human and environmental rights violations - for however long we remain associated with Peabody.

We students do not want to be a part of such violations. We students do not want to enable such abuses. We students want to be proud of our university.

We protesters want to send a message that this company’s goals are not in line with our institution’s mission; that this company can not and should not continue its abuses; and that students can change the world.

Please sign this petition to endorse WUSTL’s separation from and condemnation of Peabody Energy.

Environmental justice is social justice.

For more information, or to follow the protest updates as they happen, follow Students Against Peabody

To read our mission statement, see here.




Shinji Moon 

Burn all your bridges
just so that you can build them again
with thicker ropes. 

Hurt all the people you love
and then commit every felony to win them back. 

Drown yourself in bleach until not even Heaven’s light
can compare to how bright you burn. 

Turn yourself inside out
and paint your organs the color of what you see
in your dreams. 

This is the art of 
living with a ticking heart, a grenade you
throw through windows to make a 
point that language 
has no room for. 

This is how I destroyed you.

And this,
is how I kept you alive. 

Dig yourself a ditch, six
feet deep, and bury everything that you’ve ever
said, everything that you’ve never
meant, and everything that has
burned you and left you with nothing
but ash. 


1980’s New York | Frank Horvat | Via

"The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices." - They Live (1988)


"space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence"
the soundtrack to a cold death among the stars

[ L I S T E N || D O W N L O A D ]


Infinite list of favorite characters: Natalia Romanova/ Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow.

"Killing people is easy. Making them suffer is an art."